Friday, 23 October 2015

Renew Retreat

Contrary to all appearances, no, I haven't given up blogging already. Life has just been a bit busy and I'm working on some posts. Here's a shared resource for you!

In January, my sister and I attended a three-day girls' camp on a friend's recommendation. We weren't quite sure what to expect, but the Renew Retreat was excellent! There were games, singing, questions, humour, discussion time and engaging teaching sessions. The speakers chose great topics for their audience of girls from high school to 25: in a way they went back to the basics of Christianity and how we apply them. Everything they taught was scripture-based and seemed perfectly designed for us.
I highly recommend it and you can register here!

Here are the dates of the different camps:
Melbourne - January 2-4
Hobart - January 7-9
Brisbane - January 11-13
Sydney - January 16-18
Perth - April 18-20
Darwin - June 27-29
Singapore - November 29-December 1
Jakarta, Indonesia - December 4-6
Philippines - November 13-15; 17-18; 20-22

They offer a discount if you register before November!