Thursday, 25 June 2015


Last year for my history curriculum, I had to write an article on Fundamentalism vs. the World Council of Churches. I strongly believe what I wrote then just as much as, if not more than, I do now. I thought what I discovered was interesting and worth sharing, so here it is.

In the early 1900s, as secular beliefs became more widely accepted in Christian circles, the Christian Fundamentalists emerged. They maintained that the Bible was inerrable: correct and literal in all areas. This leads them to protest issues such as legalized abortion, evolution taught exclusively in schools, homosexuality, feminism, Communism and secular humanism. Just before WWII, a group of churches attempted to form a unified body of churches, but their progress was hindered and delayed by the war. It wasn’t until 1948 that the World Council of Churches was officially founded in Amsterdam. Their aim was for the world to see a unified Christian body of churches that are socially acceptable. However, the firm, assertive fundamentalists saw this as opposition to true Christianity. The World Council of Churches compromised on many issues in order to be seen as tolerant, relevant and contemporary. The Fundamentalists are outraged that The World Council of Churches accepts denominations which deny fundamental Biblical principles such as the trinity, the sincerity of faith, baptism as a symbol only, justification by faith, and capitalism. Since the World Council of Churches has modified their Christianity to be socially tolerable, Fundamentalists who hold firm to their Biblical beliefs cannot accept their Christianity as anything but watered down to be inoffensive like the Christianity of the church of Sardis in Revelation which Jesus rebuked and referred to as dead.

Friday, 19 June 2015

The Definition of Marriage

At the beginning of June, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten introduced a new bill (law) to parliament. All he wants to do is change a few words in the definition of marriage, but these little words will completely redefine marriage and ultimately family. He proposes to change the words ‘man and woman’ and ‘husband and wife’ and replace them with simply ‘two people’. This legalizes the marriage of two men or two women. Parliament will debate these changes in the coming weeks and months, then vote on it.

In Genesis 19, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with burning sulphur. Do you know what one of their primary faults was? Homosexuality. In Romans 1:18-32, Paul writes of God’s wrath against the “unnatural relations” of those who reject God.

It is obvious that God hates it, but few people in our society care what God thinks, so we have to use different arguments to convince them.

Most significantly, we have to consider the innocent children who will be caught up in this. It is a proven fact that children flourish best when living with a married mum and dad. John Howard called traditional families (one man and one woman married to each other) “the greatest social welfare system the world has ever devised.” In fact, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child declares that every child deserves to "as far as possible... know and be cared for by his or her parents." God didn’t design two men or two women to create children, so they have to use other options like surrogacy if they want children. Inevitably, these children will be separated from either biological mother or father.

If you need proof that missing a mum or a dad is harmful and hurtful, it’s not hard to find children raised by same-gender parents who are now telling the world that the child filled the need for their “parents” to have children, rather than their two mums or two dads filling the child's needs for one mum and one dad. (See here and here for just a few examples.)

Further, other countries where same-gender marriage is legal clearly show that it limits freedom of speech and religion for those who oppose it. A florist, bakers, and a couple providing wedding facilities are just a few of those who have been severely penalized for their convictions. The same things will happen in Australia unless we take action.

Advocates are calling for this new bill to bring in marriage equality, but two men or two women will only ever make a marriage in name alone, since marriage in its essence is, and always will be, the union of one man and one woman.

Here’s where we can help: The Australian Christian Lobby is asking anyone who cares to send a brief email to their MP reminding them why we oppose changing the definition of marriage. The process is very simple and easy, so please, please take a moment to preserve this fundamental part of society.

This article is another very clear and succinct resource!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Plain Salty CHIPS

Last year, I began writing articles for the opinion section of the news, but of course nothing was published because I don’t have any qualifications to be writing for them. I don’t have a doctorate, I’m not a specialist in any given field, I’m not a journalist and I’m only sixteen. But I still wanted to share my ideas with other people, so I eventually decided that a blog would be the best format.
Like everyone, I’m imperfect and learning many lessons, but I want to share with you the little observations I’ve made and the things I’ve discovered along the way because I’ve found these learning opportunities exciting.
We all like chips, and this blog is food for thought; refreshments for the brain. I hope that someone will enjoy the little snacks I post.
These chips aren’t fancy. There’s no crinkle-cut or barbecue chicken, just plain salt.
Salt is in almost everything we eat. It adds flavour, preserves the meal and spreads. I want my posts to flavour people’s worldviews, to help preserve souls and Christian values, and to spread.

My plan for this blog is to present a “salty” perspective on:
  • Christ. He is the more important than any other thing or person in my life, so every post will be related to Him or because of Him.
  • Humankind. We talk of different races, but despite variations in colour and culture, we are all part of the human race. Christ loved humans so much that he died for us and He continues to love us by giving the gift of a relationship with Him. I want to care for people the way he does. 
  • Information. If we don’t know something, we don’t care about it. I want everyone to know so they can care.
  • Politics. I know this might sound irrelevant, complicated and perhaps boring, but politics don’t have to be that way. I hope to give some simple insights into the way our country is run because that affects every aspect of life. 
  •  Shared resources. Whether it be a book, website, petition or just an observation of my own, I want to share the opportunities waiting out there for us to take action or be encouraged.